General English 3

Course description

The course is aimed at HUST students who have finished the university obligatory English course, those who have got more than TOEIC 300 (according to the result of institutional or international English tests) and those who have learnt English at low Pre-Intermediate level (according to the result of CFL Placement test).

Course outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, learners should improve TOEIC score to 350 or more.

Learners will also be provided with:

  • Useful vocabulary of social communication: Food file, travel, trends file, language of graphs, business, prepositions of place;
  • English grammar at pre-intermediate level: mass and count nouns, some/any, a lot of/lots of, much/many, a little/a few, comparative and superlative adjectives, past simple, present perfect simple, present perfect continuous, modal verbs, 1st Conditional, 2nd Conditional, passive: present simple, present perfect, future.
  • Skill focus: Read and identify main ideas of long paragraph, predicts meanings of new words in the contexts. Construct complex sentences, short paragraphs in correct gramatical structures. Understand and express ideas, opinions clearly and effectively using appropriate grammar and vocabulary;

Primary textbooks

  • International Express. Liz Taylor and Alastair lane, Oxford University press;
  • Tree or Three – An elementary pronunciation course. Ann Baker, Cambridge University press.