General English 2

Course description

The course is aimed at those who have learnt English at the basic level and those who have got less than TOEIC 300.

Course outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be provided with:

  • Useful vocabulary of social communication: personal information, company communications, work, hotel, leisure, sports, prepositions;
  • Basic grammar: present simple, wh-questions, present continuous, past simple, near future, future simple, modal verbs, present perfect;
  • Skills focus: Read short paragraphs about familiar topics. Construct simple paragraphs in correct grammatical structure. Fill in forms. Listen and response in simple social conversations. Identify the main idea and supporting details of simple oral conversations.

Primary textbooks

  • International Express. Liz Taylor and Alastair lane, Oxford University Press;
  • Tree or Three – An elementary pronunciation course. Ann Baker, Cambridge University Press.