General English 6

Course description

The course is aimed at those who have learnt English at the Intermediate level, those who have got at least TOEIC 450 and those who pass CFL Placement test for GE6 courses.

Course outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, learners should improve TOEIC score to 450.

Learners will also be provided with:

  • Vocabulary relevant to the topics of: culture, travel, education, politics, food and drink;
  • Complex English grammar: tenses, articles, indirect speech, relative clauses, quantity, passive voice, modal verbs;
  • Skill focus: Comprehend long articles, documents, and texts, identify main, supporting ideas, author’s opinions and attitudes. Construct long essays, letters, and forms. Ask and respond in social and bussiness situations effectively. Use strategies to retain content words and key information from oral communication;

Primary textbooks

  • International Express. Liz Taylor and Alastair lane, Oxford University press.