General English 1

Course description

The course is aimed at those who start to learn English.

Course outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be provided with:

  •  Useful vocabulary used in social communication: classroom communication, time and numbers, prepositions, travel, work, food, dates, money;
  • Basic grammar for starter level: present simple, present continuous, past simple, there is/are, mass and count nouns, some, any, how much, how many, comparative and superlative adjectives;
  • Skills focus: Understand signs, simple and short texts about familiar topics. Construct simple phrases and simple short sentences in correct grammar structures. Understand and respond in familiar situations.

Primary textbooks

  • International Express. Liz Taylor and Alastair lane, Oxford University press;
  • Tree or Three – An elementary pronunciation course. Ann Baker, Cambridge University Press.